What Is Rooting ? Advantage And Disadvantage Of Rooting

Are you looking to know about the Advantages and Disadvantages of rooting your Android Smartphone? If yes, then this article is for you. Today i’m gonna show you the the pros and cons of Android Smartphone rooting.

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Every Android smartphone user might have heard the phrase Rooting Android, But very few cares to know about it. There might be many questions popping in your mind like what android rooting exactly is.What are the advantages of rooting Android. Any disadvantage of going through with this process?

Note:-We are not encouraging to root your android phone because it can void your phone warranty and it is illegal to do.We are just posting this article only for knowledge purpose only

What is Android Rooting ?

android rooting advantage or disadvantage

              Android rooting advantage or disadvantage

What is rooting? In technical terms Rooting is a process of unlocking root access (Super User or Administrator) and giving elevated permissions to Apps. When you buy a new Android smartphone, you are just a guest user on the phone. You can use the phone, just as a guest would use Windows, but you will not be able to make any changes to the system files.
There was a new version of Android but is not available for your smartphone, view the web that has come a ROM with this version and want to upgrade, your smart phone has not been root and have many doubts whether to do this procedure.

You make yourself the question many times in your head is it bad rooting my Android smartphone ? Regardless if it is an LG, HTC, Samsung, Alcatel or any brand of smartphone operating system that runs the reality is that there are many good and bad things to do this procedure.

One of the advantages of rooting your Android smartphone is that you can install ROMs and you can have even a modified version of the same with many custom things, the latest version, no need to wait until the company send the update, at many times not send, to install super user applications, access to many features that normal mode could not access.

Advantages of Rooting Android smartphone the process you can go wrong and your Android not reload if you do well you manage some functions will not be available, there are many instances where the camera does not work, does not keep the keys wifi.

As well as you can lose is the manufacturer’s warranty that is to take into account because if you take him to repair damages will realize if they know very well the technicians and will tell you that the warranty does not cover because it has been altered.

Advantages of Rooting Android Smartphone

  • Fully Manage Your Smartphone
  • Can Install any incompatible apps
  • Install Custom ROM ( modification in OS or Software)
  • Remove Default System Apps
  • Force transfer Apps on SD Card
  • Boost Your phone’s Speed and Battery Life

Disadvantages of Rooting Android Smartphone

  • Lose your manufacturer’s warrenty
  • Virus Attack
  • Could decrease battery’s backup
  • Risk of bricking your smartphone
  • May damage your phone if managed improperly

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So guys there are advantages there are disadvantages of rooting Android smartphone, if you like taking risks you can encourage, but in any case you can remember that there is a possibility that something will go wrong, if you’re new to this it is best to seek help from a person who does this frequently or have it made in the same model, the other option is expected for the official update.

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