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BBM For PC – Have you ever wondered how people used to contact each other through letters, telegrams, and then through telephones? We seriously don’t have to go to that back in time to observe the ever growing network of communication. Only a few decades back, we used to communicate through SMS and mobile phones, right? All was going okay before Smart phones came into existence. All of sudden, life started changing rapidly; new software was launched; new apps, games, and interfaces were launched in such a short period that we weren’t able to notice the change that took place.

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BBM For Pc Download 


                                        BBM FOR PC

Let’s not unearth the things of the past, and just notice what the current situation is. Nowadays, this era is of instant messaging, and now if I ask you to name a few names of messenger apps, I am sure you will name at least 3 or 4 names easily. I also mentioned some of them in my previous articles so that you can check them out as well. But, in this section, I am covering BBM messenger, its features and How to Download BBM for PC.

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BBM For PC Features

BlackBerry Messenger is renowned for its iOS and sophisticated mobile phones, especially among those who have to make formal conversations like businesspeople, managers, high posted representative. Really! No, it’s a myth. People from all age groups use BBM, and because of its features, this app is very popular. Earlier, this app is only for the same OS users, which keeps it restricted to a specific class of people. Only Blackberry users can chat through BBM, but now this app is available for Android and iOS devices as well.

Features of BBM For PC
There are many features that are similar to other apps, for example through BBM, users can send unlimited messages to their friends. Not only messages, but they can also send and share photos and videos with their loved ones. No matter what the other messenger apps offer, but BBM provides the most hilarious and creative stickers to its users. The best part is yet to come.

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It’s Free
BlackBerry Messenger is free of cost; that means no charges will be deducted while using this fantastic application. The clean and attractive user interface separate BBM from its counterparts. Moreover, it’s very simple to use.

One special feature which is added in BBM is that you need to share your BBM pin with your friend before you can chat with him/her. So you don’t have to worry about unnecessary buggers that have no work except to bug people. You can only proceed through the chat if you want to share it with the other user. If not, you can ignore that user.

Note: Every device has its unique BBM pin. It is generated when the user verifies his/her device.

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Download BBM For Pc 

So, what do you think of this app? Isn’t it great? Yes, I know you want it on your phone now, but wait, you can also have BBM on your PC. Yes, I am not kidding! You can be able to enjoy BBM For PC or on your personal computer, either it be Windows 7 or 8, or even MAC. Okay, I am going to tell you how you can make this happen. But, before that you have to get it clear that it’s not officially available for Windows or Mac. Alright, here we go with the process to Download BBM for PC.

How to Download BBM for PC (Windows 7/8/MAC)

To download BBM For Pc, First of all, you have to Download an Android Emulator, in which you have got plenty of choices. You can choose between Bluestacks, You wave, Virtual Box, GenyMotion, Native Android Emulator and much more. However, Bluestack is mostly recommended among these. Reason being it is simple to use, plus it is absolutely free.

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Bluestacks Android Player

So, now to download BBM for PC, You have to download Bluestacks by following this link: Download Bluestacks. Just click on the link and get it downloaded from the directed website. Once you have finished with the downloading part, install the software on your PC.

After completing the above process, type “BBM” in the search box which will be on the top right side of the screen. Start installing the app from there and you are good to go then.

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So this was the whole tutorial about how to download BBM For PC Computer,Laptop,Mac or any where you want to download BBM For PC.If you need to ask any question, feel free to comment in the section underneath. Have a great day!

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